Sudeep Das


I am a data scientist with a passion for turning data into meaningful insights and stories. Currently, at OpenTable, I am using an arsenal of data science tools to derive insights from our extensive data trove. My current projects include building the recommendation engine at opentable, as well as leveraging natural language processing and topic modeling on an extensive review corpus, to reveal salient features of restaurants and reviewers. I believe that powerful visualizations provide key entry points into understanding data. Very often, I find myself hand-rolling innovative visualizations driven by unique characteristics of the data. I am an avid blogger and write frequently on the OpenTable Tech Blog and my personal blog. I have excellent communication skills, and am frequently invited to deliver talks, lectures and colloquia in domestic and international conferences. I have extensive leadership abilities with a knack of bringing smart people together to solve problems. I hold a Ph. D. in Astrophysics from Princeton University, and I have authored of more than 50 peer reviewed articles in leading journals.

Work Experience

  • Data Scientist at OpenTable (Feb 2014 - present)